The Sampler Kit

The Sampler Kit

This customizable kit lets you sip your way through four apéritif flavors of your choosing. Delicious whichever way you mix and match, each 200ml bottle is perfectly sized for 2-3 drinks.

Includes 4, 200ml bottles | 18-20% ABV (alcohol by volume)

Bottle 1:
Bottle 2:
Bottle 3:
Bottle 4:

Get to know our apéritifs

Meet your new bar cart staple: the apéritif. Made with only real ingredients, ours are fresh, complex, and easy to drink.

Citrus Flower 200ml

Citrus Flower

Light + Floral

Crisp, complex, and refreshing with lemon, subtle elderflower, and hints of cinnamon and orange peel.

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Lemon Lavender 200ml

Lemon Lavender

Smooth + Botanical

With fresh lavender, juicy citrus, and wild botanicals, this apéritif is bright and herbaceous.

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Rose Rose 200ml

Rose Rosé

Fruity + Floral

This apéritif is like a taste of summer, with notes of raspberry, rose, and juicy strawberry.

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Bitter Clove 200ml

Bitter Clove

Herbaceous + Warm

Made with the amaro and whiskey lover in mind, this apéritif is herbaceous, warm, and earthy.

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Ginger Yuzu 200ml

Ginger Yuzu

Spicy + Aromatic

Spicy, bold, and fragrant, this apéritif puts a modern twist on ginger’s ancient roots.

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Spiced Cherry 200ml

Spiced Cherry

Fruity + Complex

Rich and fruit-forward with earthy spices, this apéritif lets cherry's natural flavor shine.

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Grapefruit Jalapeno 200ml

Grapefruit Jalapeño

Citrusy + Fresh

Light and refreshing, this aperitif is a bright blend of citrus with a subtle kick of fresh jalapeño.

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Easy to Drink

Haus Spirit

Haus Spirit

3 parts Haus

Splash hard liquor

Serve on the rocks
Haus Spritz

Haus Spritz

2 parts Haus

1 part soda water

1 part prosecco


Serve on the rocks in a wine glass
On the Rocks

On the Rocks

1 pour Haus

Serve on the rocks

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