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our newest apéritif

Welcome back, Rose Rosé

This previously limited edition apéritif is like a taste of summer anytime, with notes of raspberry, rose, and juicy strawberry. Now here to enjoy year-round.

for when you don't feel like sharing One for date night, one for poker night For intimate gatherings

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Rose Rosé

This previously limited edition apéritif is like a taste of summer anytime, with notes of raspberry, rose, and juicy strawberry. Now here to enjoy year-round.

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Citrus Flower

Verified Buyer

I bought two bottles of Haus — keep a bottle on my desk and brought one to my friends for drinks. Everyone loved it! We drank ours with some seltzer and lime juice — some people had it just over ice. Very dynamic product that can used in so many different ways! Can't wait to get a new batch and for new flavors to come!

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Bitter Clove

Cornelia J.
Verified Buyer

Bitter Clove is a refreshing alternative to sweet cocktails. It is a lovely complex blend of Fall tastes, yet wonderfully light. I especially enjoy on a chilly late afternoon. It lends a spirit of simplicity and an honest taste of the best of life!

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Introducing Membership

Our monthly membership comes with things we love, like an always-stocked bar cart, product discounts and exclusive flavor releases. Plus, you’ll get access to members-only events that bring the apéritif culture of connection to life. 

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How to enjoy Haus

Our apéritifs are designed to be enjoyed throughout the evening — on the rocks or as the base for a simple cocktail. 

Made on our California ranch with natural ingredients like lemon, elderflower and ginger, it’s a drink you can feel good about.

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Haus Cocktail

2 parts Haus

1 part tonic or soda water

Serve on the rocks

On the Rocks

1 pour Haus

Serve on the rocks

Haus Tonic

1 part Haus

1 part tonic water

Serve on the rocks

Haus Spritz

2 parts Haus

1 part soda water

1 part prosecco


Serve on the rocks in a wine glass


1 part Haus Bitter Clove

Splash of your favorite dark liquor

Serve on the rocks with an orange twist

The Cure

1 Part Haus Citrus Flower

Splash of scotch

Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Serve on the rocks

Through the grapevine

For the wine or cocktail lover who’s tried it all and wants something new and refreshing.”

Words by
the new york times
Through the grapevine

Cleaner, responsibly sourced, and lower in alcohol.”

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Through the grapevine

You can really tell the difference in the ingredient choices.”

Words by
Through the grapevine

Locally-sourced apéritifs made fresh in Sonoma County, California.”

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Through the grapevine

Pairs beautifully with whiskey or gin, but is equally delicious on its own with ice or seltzer.”

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Meant to be shared

Haus ships in 3 different case sizes — so whether you share a bottle in a night with friends, or sip it gently all month long, we’ve got you covered.


From our Haus to yours

We’re a third generation winemaking family who realized the alcohol industry wasn’t doing right by our generation. The options we had were too sweet, too alcoholic and too artificial. We couldn’t find the drink we were looking for, so we made it ourselves.

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