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The Restaurant Project

We’re working with restaurants across America to co-create apéritifs that reflect their culinary approach. 100% of the profits go to the restaurants, enabling them to support employees and cover costs during COVID-19.

How it works

Pre-order a product from your favorite restaurant. We pay the restaurant immediately, so your purchase has an immediate impact. We’ll send your bottle when it’s ready in May, and keep you posted every step of the way.

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Support all 9 restaurants from the 1st group of The Restaurant Project by purchasing the Group I Collection. This includes one 750 ml bottle of all 9 flavors. Pre-order for $360, ships early June.

Add to cart - $360

Support all 4 restaurants from the 2nd group of The Restaurant Project by purchasing the Group II Collection. This includes one 750 ml bottle of all 4 flavors. Ships early June - $160.

Add to cart - $160

Why we’re doing this

We work closely with and care deeply about the restaurant industry. We feel a responsibility to help, so we’re doing what we can to support the restaurants, chefs, servers, and staff who make the American restaurant industry what it is.

Other ways to help

If you’d like to support America’s restaurants in a different way, here are some trusted organizations you can help out through funding or advocacy.

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation - COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund

Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation works towards equity, fair wages, and a healthy work environment for the restaurant industry. Its COVID-19 Crisis Relief Fund puts 100% of donations towards direct relief for individual restaurant workers, zero interest loans for restaurants to get back up and running, and towards supporting other nonprofits serving restaurant workers in crisis.


The James Beard Foundation Food & Beverage Relief Fund

To help bring swift economic relief to the restaurant industry, the James Beard Foundation launched a fund that will be gathering support from corporate, foundation, and individual donors to provide micro-grants to independent food and beverage businesses in need.


The Independent Restaurants Coalition

The Independent Restaurants Coalition (IRC) was formed by a group of chefs to save local restaurants impacted by COVID-19. By supporting the IRC, you’ll be a part of advancing critical legislation that can help save 11 million restaurant employees and the hundreds of millions who support restaurant delivery and supply chains.

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Partner with us

We hope to partner with more restaurants to co-create products and help them generate revenue. We’re a small team that creates our products ourselves, but we’ll take on as many partners as we’re humanly able to.

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Why did you launch The Restaurant Project?

We work closely with the restaurant industry and care deeply about its future. We feel a responsibility to help, and realized we could help support restaurants by co-creating products that we sell online. The restaurants receive 100% of the profits. This allows their communities to support them from anywhere, and receive a high-quality culinary product in return.

How will the restaurant(s) I supported get the money?

Haus processes the online transactions, and at the end of each week we pay out each of our restaurant partners.

How did you come up with each apéritif?

Each product is a collaboration with the chef. They provided their vision and direction on key ingredients and taste profiles, and our team brought it to life. We’re working with the chefs as we go, shipping them samples of their apéritif so they can taste test and give us feedback as we finalize each recipe.

Who makes your products?

We make them ourselves up in Sonoma County, just a few miles from the ranch where our founders live and grow a lot of the ingredients that go into our products. Our co-founder Woody is a third generation winemaker who has been crafting wine and apéritifs for years. He and our head of production, Aaron - a 3 Michelin starred chef - craft each recipe to perfection and blend and bottle our apéritifs in our facility before shipping them straight to you.

What is an apéritif?

Apéritifs are liquors with complex flavors that typically come from roots, herbs, and botanicals. They’ve been a big part of European drinking culture for centuries, and they’re becoming more popular in America now too. They’re low-ABV, so their lower alcohol content makes them perfect for sipping throughout the evening on the rocks or with simple mixers like soda or tonic.

How much money is the restaurant actually getting from my order?

We’re giving 100% of profits from each order to the restaurants.

How did you pick these restaurants?

We started out by thinking about the restaurants that feel like institutions in the cities where our customers and team live. We launched with restaurants that have built strong communities across the country, because this increases our ability to help them make money. We want to support as many restaurants as we possibly can so please nominate your favorites here.

Can I nominate a restaurant for The Restaurant Project?


Just fill out this form.

Who delivers your products, and can I do contactless delivery?

FedEx is our delivery partner, and they are taking measures to ensure all deliveries can be contactless. While your delivery driver will need to take a look at your ID (it's the law), you can hold your ID out from a safe distance. In lieu of signing the FedEx device, you can either pass of a piece of paper with your signature, or ask the driver to sign for you.

I pre-ordered bottles, when will I receive them?

Orders from the first 9 Restaurant Project partners (Poole’s Diner, RICH TABLE, Elephante, JuneBaby, Mister Jiu’s, Empire State South, Kismet, HiPPO, and Marlow Collective) begin shipping mid-May. Orders from our second round of partners (Momofuku, Compere Lapin, State Bird Provisions, and Spoon & Stable) begin shipping in early June. We’ll give you a heads up when your bottles are getting ready to ship.

When will I be able to see the nutritional info and full ingredient list for The Restaurant Project apéritifs?

We'll have full ingredient lists and nutrition information available by the time the product you ordered starts shipping. We only use natural ingredients and small amounts of raw cane sugar to create our products. If you have any specific questions, just sent us a note at

Why do I have to wait to receive my bottles?

We wanted to get money to restaurants as fast as possible. While we can create new apéritifs extremely quickly, it still takes us a few weeks to develop and perfect each recipe. We launched pre-sales so we can start paying out our restaurant partners immediately. We’re developing each apéritif over the next few weeks, and will be shipping our first bottles to you by mid-May.

Can I order a single bottle from The Restaurant Project?

We’re only selling bottles in 2-packs for now. If that changes, we’ll let you know via our newsletter.

I placed a pre-order but changed my mind. Can I cancel?

The Restaurant Project is a little different from Haus’ classic product line, since all profits are given to the restaurants as part of this charitable campaign. We will not be issuing refunds. You can cancel your order if you change your mind, but the proceeds will still go to the restaurant.