Who we are

Haus was dreamed up by Helena Price Hambrecht, a Silicon Valley creative, and Woody Hambrecht, a 3rd generation winemaker. Together, they make Haus on their farm in Sonoma County, California.

Why we started Haus

We wanted a better drink

The alcohol industry hasn’t evolved since prohibition. It’s still ruled by huge liquor companies who spend big to get their products on store shelves and in bars — and you’re stuck with their choices. Sketchy ingredients. Too much alcohol. Too many hangovers.

We wanted something better. So we made our own apéritif.

We designed Haus to have less alcohol than liquors so you could enjoy it with friends without having to keep tabs on your intake. We put only all-natural ingredients in it, so it tastes great and goes down easy. And we sell it direct-to-consumer, so people can enjoy it outside of a bar — just the way we’d want to.


What you see is what you get

We all care more about what we put in our bodies now. We figured the alcohol we drink should follow the same rules. Only real ingredients. Nothing fake.

Our product is farm-to-bottle. No sketchy additives. Even without preservatives, it lasts months longer than half-bottle of wine you just threw away. You’ll notice Haus looks very different from brightly colored liquors or thickly saturated wines — that’s because we don’t add any coloring or concentrates. We’re all-natural, baby.