Our story

Hi, we’re Helena and Woody. We’re a third generation winemaking family living in Sonoma County, California. We started making Haus right here on our farm, where we live with our daughter Sophie.

We wanted a better drink

It all started with alcohol, an industry that hasn’t evolved since prohibition. It’s still ruled by huge liquor companies that spend big to get their products on store shelves and in bars. And you’re stuck with their choices. Sketchy ingredients, too much alcohol, outdated aesthetics, and too many hangovers. 

Something needed to change, and as winemakers and grape farmers, we knew alcohol could be different. Like food, it can come from organic farms, not factories. It can be created naturally with real fruits and botanicals, not artificial flavors. And it can be accessible.

A new type of alcohol brand

We’re doing everything differently than corporate liquor - starting with ingredients. We source the highest quality fruits, herbs, and botanicals from trusted farmers and purveyors who supply Michelin-star restaurants. 

Our team blends every bottle at our warehouse in Sonoma, and ships straight to you in packaging made from recycled materials.

We include nutrition facts and complete ingredient lists for every product, because we believe you deserve to know what’s in your glass.

A modern spin on the apéritif

Woody discovered apéritifs while living in Berlin, where he experienced a different type of drinking culture. People weren’t drinking to get drunk, they were focused on connections and being present. Everyone drank apéritifs, and the Americano - a low-ABV apéritif cocktail - quickly became his go-to. 

While newer to the States, apéritifs have been popular in Europe for centuries. They have the flavor complexity of a cocktail, but are low enough in alcohol - stronger than wine, lighter than whiskey - that you can enjoy them all evening (or afternoon).

Our apéritifs take a modern approach, for something fresh, light, and easy to drink.

For how we gather today

Less “go up on a Tuesday” and more “tell jokes and hatch brilliant business schemes on a Thursday,” Haus is designed to be a social ritual. For that moment in the day when we can slow down, wake up, and be present with people we like.