What's Haus?

For decades, big liquor companies have been selling us mystery bottles and cheap ingredients, with bartenders and liquor stores as the gatekeepers.

We knew we needed something better — so we made it ourselves.


More Hangouts,
Less Hangovers

The word “ apéritif” comes from french “to open,” and it literally means to open your evening. We designed Haus to be the American version with more natural flavors, same easy vibe. With 15% alcohol by volume (about a third of whiskey, gin or tequila) it’s enough for a hangout, without getting hungover.


A drink you can feel
good about

Unlike sugary European liqueurs, Haus is made from wine grapes and other natural ingredients — and good all on its own. Every bottle contains real things from our farm, and is blended and bottled on site. Nothing sketchy. Nothing corporate.

Chardonnay Grapes

The foundation of every Haus. We made our first batch using our own chardonnay — now we source the best grapes from growers we love nearby. We like it unoaked for a clean, fruity palate.


No synthetic syrups here. Extracted from tiny white flowers, elderflower berries contain citric acid, which packs lots of flavor — think a delicate mix of sweet and tart. It also gives Haus its golden color.


We use juice from fresh lemons because they’re less bitter than their bottled counterpart. They give your tastebuds a wake up call without tipping the balance of our flavors.


Tart, sweet, and refreshing, grapefruit brings a pop of brightness to Haus’
complex notes.


Also known as rosemarrow, hibiscus is punchy, floral and a little tart (and high in Vitamin C). Its deep crimson hue gives Haus a little color.


The dry, curly bark is everyone’s favorite winter spice — but like it in summer, too. All-natural with just enough of a kick to keep it interesting.

Raw Cane Sugar

Unlike those European liqueurs, we don’t use too much — and that’s how we like it. With more impurities than refined sugar for a more natural taste, and a slight molasses aroma.

Forget the bar tab (and the cab ride).

We deliver.


Off our screens,
into real life

Less “go up on a Tuesday” and more “catch up on a Thursday,” Haus is designed to be a social ritual. For that moment in the day when we can slow down, wake up, and be present with people we like.