Birthday Party Ideas During the Age of Covid: How To Stay Safe

Birthday Party Ideas During the Age of Covid: How To Stay Safe

There’s no question that all of our lives have changed significantly over the past few years. The global pandemic has shifted how we look at our social events and how we choose to celebrate our special occasions.

Birthday party ideas during Covid may look slightly different, but there are plenty of ways that you can celebrate your special day while still staying as safe as possible.

A Brief Overview of How Covid Spreads

What we know about Covid is constantly evolving, which also means that the prevention techniques we use are continually evolving too. There are three main ways that researchers have determined that Covid spreads:

  • Breathing in tiny airborne droplets and particles from an infected person
  • Direct contact with droplets containing the virus (through coughs or sneezes)
  • Touching your eyes, mouth, or nose after coming into contact with infectious particles

Luckily, preventing the spread of Covid is simple. Wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer) frequently, wear a mask when needed, get vaccinated if you are able, and practice social distancing (about six feet) when in large crowds. Applying these basic principles to your birthday party planning is easy and won’t put a damper on your fun!

Birthday Party Ideas During Covid for Kids

Unfortunately, having a huge birthday bash for your child comes with far more risks than it previously did. However, that doesn’t mean you have to cancel their birthday party entirely. If you take a few safety precautions, you can still celebrate another year of your child’s life (and another year of you being a parent!) without increasing the risk of catching Covid.

Consider a Small Outdoor Gathering

Outdoor gatherings are the way to go, especially when it comes to birthday party ideas during Covid. Ultimately, you (and everyone else at your party) are less likely to be exposed to the airborne virus, even when not wearing masks.

Have a picnic with your child and a few of their best friends, or rent out the local pool and have a pool party. You can even put together a fun scavenger hunt in your backyard, with prizes for everyone at the end!

If your child is insistent on having a sleepover, consider putting up tents in your backyard and camping out. You can make smores, tell scary stories, and look at the stars — all while keeping your kid and their friends safe.

Serve Cupcakes Instead of a Single Cake

Although we think of a big, impressive birthday cake as quintessential to celebrating the occasion, it doesn’t always have to work that way. Smaller kids aren’t always the most hygienic, so serving individual cupcakes is a great way to minimize the risk of infection without having to forgo cake entirely.

Your birthday child can still blow out their candles without having to blow on everyone else’s food as well, and you don’t have to skip the ice cream!

You can apply the same concept to your drinks — serve individual juice boxes or bottles instead of pouring out a single communal container. You can even have personalized water bottles made, which are a great party favor!

Choose Your Activities Wisely

If you’re the parent of a young child, you know how crucial it is to plan some sort of entertainment for their birthday party. However, there are some changes that you may need to make to keep the games and activities safe for everyone involved.

Games that don’t involve too much touching, like charades or Simon Says, are excellent choices. You can also throw up an old sheet, rent a projector, and have an outdoor “drive-in” style movie night! Just make sure to have individual popcorn bowls to discourage germ sharing.

Birthday Party Ideas During Covid for Adults

As adults, we deserve to have birthday parties just as much as kids do! We work incredibly hard, and there’s really no arguing that this year is just as stressful as last year. Amending your birthday party just slightly can keep you and all your guests safe while also reducing your planning stress.

Consider Zoom

If you want to minimize your potential exposure to Covid, you may want to consider having your birthday party via Zoom. Virtual parties allow for social distancing while still celebrating for those who are immunocompromised or simply not ready to have people over.

Over the past few years, we’ve had to find creative ways to connectget more creative with connecting with our friends and family members. Although that has been a significant source of stress, it has also led to many technological breakthroughs in how we video chat and video call.

Having a virtual birthday party isn’t out of the realm of possibility, and there are even companies that host virtual escape rooms or murder mystery parties.

Plus, with a Zoom party, there isn’t any cleanup!

Have an Intimate Spa Day

Instead of throwing a huge birthday bash, which requires a lot of time, planning, and cleanup, have a few friends over for an intimate spa day.

Light a few candles, pour an apéritif, put on your favorite playlist, and break out the face masks and nail polish. You may be surprised by how relaxing it feels not to have to make a huge deal out of your birthday and focus on self-care instead.

Move Your Party Outdoors

Just like with kiddos, a small gathering outdoors is the safest of the birthday ideas you can plan. Find a parking lot, throw a tailgate party, turn the music up, and have a dance party in your own backyard!

Having an outdoor party can make the after-party pick-up more manageable, too. Why stress yourself out on your special day when you can have just as much fun without nearly as much cleanup?

Invest In Wine Tags or Labels

Most adult birthday parties involve alcohol of some kind, and we all know that imbibing can lead to questionable decision-making. If you’re serving wine (or other beverages) at your party, spend a few bucks and get customizable wine tags or labels. Guests can write their name on the tag and attach it to their glass, which minimizes the likelihood that they pick up and drink someone else’s wine (and germs).

You can also use the same tags or labels for non-alcoholic drinks, and you can even find some that you can reuse repeatedly. Labeling drinks in this way doesn’t just help prevent Covid, but other viruses (like colds and the flu) as well!

Consider Testing Before Your Big Event

If you want to be even safer, consider asking everyone on your guest list to get tested for Covid before the party. Although Covid testing isn’t foolproof, and it’s still possible to get false negatives and false positives, it can relieve a large portion of the worry and responsibility you feel hosting a party.

Most Covid testing is done free of charge, and results are available in just a few days. With negative tests and a small guest list, you can feel more confident allowing your guests to take off their masks outdoors.

In Summary

If your special day is coming up, happy birthday! With a few minor changes and considerations, birthday party ideas during Covid don’t have to look that different from years past. We’ve all had to make adjustments over the last two years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still celebrate your birthday with your loved ones.

The aperitif culture we foster at Haus is perfect for a laidback, intimate party that is still safe for you and your guests.


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