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“A stunning adventure of the senses, inspiring me to savor every last drop with intention.”
“Cleaner, responsibly sourced, and lower in alcohol.”
“For the wine or cocktail lover who’s tried it all and wants something new and refreshing.”

It's time for a better way to drink. Unlike traditional spirits, our apéritifs are made with natural ingredients, nothing fake. They're complex in flavor but lighter in alcohol, so you can enjoy the social ritual of drinking without the undesired consequences.

Haus Peach Passionfruit

Peach Passionfruit

Tangy, sweet, and complex, this apéritif is a sophisticated blend of tropical fruits and spices.

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best seller
Citrus Flower

Citrus Flower

A fresh Californian take on the apéritif. Made with crisp lemon and subtle elderflower.

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Rose Rosé

Rose Rosé

This apéritif is like a taste of summer, with notes of raspberry, rose, and juicy strawberry.

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A modern take on the apéritif

Apéritifs have been core to European drinking culture for centuries, loved for their complex flavors and lighter alcohol content. Their complexity comes from roots, herbs, and botanicals, making them bold enough to mix with soda or tonic, but equally delicious on their own. Ours are inspired by the classics, but made without the artificial flavors and high sugar typical of corporate brands.

Easy to drink

The perfect anytime drink, sip Haus on its own or with simple mixers you probably already have like soda or tonic.

Natural ingredients. Nothing fake.

Artificial ingredients and refined sugars are a big culprit in hangovers. Feel good about what’s in your glass that night — and the next day.

Delivered to your door

We blend, bottle, and ship our products straight from Sonoma, CA to your doorstep.

“Haus has found the solution I didn’t really know I was looking for!”
— Susan
verified buyer
“I love the flavor of this apéritif — it’s light and lively, and it’s refreshing with seltzer or tonic.”
— Fiona
verified buyer
“It’s delicious, and unique. I love everything from the packaging, to the flavors.”
— Esteban
verified buyer

From our Haus to yours

We’re a third generation winemaking family who realized the alcohol industry wasn’t doing right by our generation. We knew spirits could be better — made with whole ingredients and nothing fake.

So we made our own apéritifs, designed for the modern drinker. We make our products with real fruits, herbs, and botanicals, and blend, bottle, and ship them to you straight from Sonoma County.

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