Haus Starter Kit

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Looking to try Haus for the first time? Want to introduce a friend to your favorite apéritif? The Haus Starter Kit is for you.

• Our Haus Essentials (200mL bottles of Bitter Clove and Citrus Flower) 
• A deck of Haus playing cards for your next game night
• Haus signature tote bag

Now all you need is a glass.

200mL, 15% ABV
An image of the Starter Kit: including 2 200mL Haus Essentials, branded playing cards, and a wine totebag

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Citrus Flower is crisp and refreshing. Bitter Clove is bright and earthy. The perfect introduction to Haus.

The right balance

A third the alcohol of whiskey, tequila or gin. Enjoy your evening without worrying about tomorrow’s headache.

Forget the bar tab

Shipped to your home, hotel or coworking space — wherever works for you and your crew.

Made with real things

Most spirits you drink? Full of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Haus is only the good stuff.


Every bottle contains real things from our farm, and is blended and bottled on site. Nothing sketchy. Nothing corporate.

And oh yeah — it's got a fraction of the sugar of those other European liqueurs.

Chardonnay Grapes

The foundation of every bottle. We made our first batch using our own excess chardonnay grapes and now we source the best grapes from growers we love nearby. This isn’t like your mom’s chardonnay — our grapes are unoaked for a clean, fruity palate.

Raw Cane Sugar

Unlike those European liqueurs, we don’t use too much when we’re making Haus — and that’s how we like it. With more impurities than refined sugar for a more natural taste, and a slight molasses aroma.

Star Anise

With that potent licorice flavor, star anise brings a nutty and savory note to every bottle of Bitter Clove.


No synthetic syrups here. Extracted from tiny white flowers, elderflower berries contain citric acid, which packs lots of flavor — think a delicate mix of sweet and tart. It also gives Citrus Flower its golden color.


This classic baking spice makes it feel like the holidays all year long — and adds a hint of sweetness to Bitter Clove.


We use juice from fresh lemons because they’re less bitter than their bottled counterparts. They give your tastebuds a wake up call without tipping the balance of our other Citrus Flowers flavors.

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