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Ginger Yuzu

4.2 star rating 64 Reviews
Spicy, bold, and fragrant, this apéritif puts a modern twist on ginger’s ancient roots.
750mL, 20% ABV
A bottle of Haus Ginger Yuzu.

For when you don’t feel like sharing One for date night, one for poker night For intimate gatherings
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On the rocks or with tonic, this bold blend of ginger root, yuzu, and lemongrass is zesty, bright, and aromatic.

The right balance

Apéritifs' lighter alcohol content means you can enjoy your evening without worrying about tomorrow's headache.

Forget the bar tab

Shipped to your home, hotel or coworking space — wherever works for you and your crew.

Made with real things

Most spirits you drink? Full of artificial flavors and sweeteners. Haus is only the good stuff.

Nutrition Facts

We’re all about transparency. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in each bottle of Ginger Yuzu.

Ginger Yuzu: Amount per ounce
Calories 38
Fat 0g
Protein 0.04g
Sugars 1.24g
Carbohydrates 0.59g
Sodium 1.6mg


Every bottle contains real things from our farm, and is blended and bottled on site. Nothing sketchy. Nothing corporate. And oh yeah — it's got a fraction of the sugar of those other European liqueurs.

Chardonnay Grapes

The foundation of every bottle. We started with grapes from our farm and now we source the best grapes from growers we love nearby. This isn’t like your mom’s chardonnay — our grapes are unoaked for a clean, fruity palate.


Spicy and earthy, this combination of fresh and dried ginger brings a bold finish to every sip.


A citrus staple in Japan, our yuzu is grown in California and adds a zesty aroma and deep golden color.


We add light and tangy lemongrass for its depth and brightness.

Orange Peel

We add orange peel for both its flavor and its aromatic qualities. It has the perfect balance of sweet and bitter. When they're in season, we source the oranges from the ranch.

Dried Cherries

Dried cherries add acidity, tartness, and a little bit of color.

Raw Cane Sugar

Unlike those European liqueurs, we don’t use too much — and that’s how we like it. With more impurities than refined sugar for a more natural taste, and a slight molasses aroma.

Grape Brandy

Grape brandy, distilled in Sonoma County, extracts all the herbs and botanicals you taste.

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One part Haus, one part bubbles, squeeze of citrus

Haus is versatile. Experiment with our open framework or try some of our favorite recipes.

On the Rocks

2 parts Haus

1 part ice

Serve on the rocks in a lowball, tumbler or rocks glass

Haus Tonic

1 part Haus

1 part tonic water

Serve on the rocks

Haus Spritz

2 parts Haus

1 part Prosecco

1 part Soda Water


Serve on the rocks in a wine glass


1 part Haus Bitter Clove

Splash of your favorite dark liquor

Serve on the rocks with an orange twist

The Cure

1 Part Haus Citrus Flower

Splash of scotch

Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Serve on the rocks

one bottle

For when you don’t feel like sharing

two bottles

One for date night, one for poker night

six bottles

For intimate gatherings

How Its Made Image

Haus is crafted by a winemaking family in California

Farm-to-bottle with no middle men.

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