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    6 Bottle Membership

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    our recipe framework

    One part Haus, one part bubbles, squeeze of citrus

    Haus is versatile. Experiment with our open framework or try some of our favorite recipes.

    On the Rocks

    2 parts Haus

    1 part ice

    Serve on the rocks in a lowball, tumbler or rocks glass

    Haus Tonic

    1 part Haus

    1 part tonic water

    Serve on the rocks

    Haus Spritz

    2 parts Haus

    1 part Prosecco

    1 part Soda Water


    Serve on the rocks in a wine glass


    1 part Haus Bitter Clove

    Splash of your favorite dark liquor

    Serve on the rocks with an orange twist

    The Cure

    1 Part Haus Citrus Flower

    Splash of scotch

    Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

    Serve on the rocks

    Meant to be shared
    Available in 3 case sizes

    How Its Made Image
    how it's made

    Haus is crafted by a winemaking family in California

    Family winery, natural ingredients, no middle men.

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    Haus joins a growing movement to evolve drinking”

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    Haus is building a booze brand for the DTC era”

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    The Aperol Spritz has some new competition”

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    This Low-ABV Apéritif Is Your Bar's New Best Friend”

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    6 Bottle Membership

    Citrus Flower Bitter Clove Haus Essentials Ginger Yuzu Ginger Yuzu + Citrus Flower Ginger Yuzu + Bitter Clove Rose Rosé Rose Rosé + Citrus Flower Rose Rosé + Ginger Yuzu Rose Rosé + Bitter Clove