One Last Summer Party for Labor Day? Here’s What to Stock

Posted by Team Haus on

This weekend, Labor Day will mark the unofficial finale of summer—technically, it’s not over until the September Equinox on the 23rd!—and that also means we’re nearing the end of backyard BBQs and tipsy field trips to the beach. 

The staff at Haus will definitely be hosting this weekend, and we thought we’d share some must-have additions to your cooler on the sand or the bar in your living room. First step: Stock up on our Citrus Flower and brand new Rose Rosé. And go for the 6-pack to avoid running out—you and your guests will thank us later. Second step: Try all of this.


Alex: I’d make sure to have an all-natural tonic water for cocktails, blood orange and Meyer lemon wedges and Maraschino cherries (without all the additives) to soak in the drinks, and my favorite craft and sustainable vodka, Reyka. And if you’re buying disposable cutlery, why not check out fully compostable and biodegradable versions

Helena: Orangina. I first discovered it when I'd visit family in Norway as a kid, and it's been my non-alcoholic drink of choice ever since. It also happens to be my favorite thing to mix with Haus. 

Isidora: I am a big fan of mixing Spindrift grapefruit seltzer with Haus. I never liked the fruit as a child—but then again, who did?—but I am now alllll about it. The crispness of the seltzer is always a delight and I think the grapefruit just subtly amplifies the other notes in our Citrus Flower blend. And it’s always just great to have on its own. 

Kelsey: My boyfriend and I are quite minimal when it comes to possessions, so when I threw him a big surprise party for his 30th birthday, I realized I only had enough glassware for about 1/10 of the guests. I ended up last-minute purchasing TOSSWARE cups for the occasion, which are high-quality recyclable but look just as nice as regular glassware—people barely noticed that they were plastic! They're so nice and durable that I still use and rewash the same ones almost two years later. They’re perfect for when you’re having large gatherings and don’t want to risk breaking anything, or if you have a backyard or pool. 

Sharlene: If you’re bringing drinks to the beach, I love to have an insulated bottle like S’well. Keeps drinks cold outside of the cooler all day, and they have fun and festive colors designs. If I’m hosting at my house and making a cheese and charcuterie board, I always buy this Kalamata fig spread with almonds. 

Amy: When I’m hosting I always buy the little mozzarella balls from the grocery and marinate them in high quality olive oil, red pepper salt, and pepper. 

Woody: The biodynamic Fidencio Clasico is my go-to mezcal to pair with our Citrus Flower. All it needs is just a splash.  Broc Cellars' Sparkling Chenin Blanc Petillant natural sparkling wine is made with minimal intervention and it’s a great addition when turning any Haus into a spritz.


Stock up on Haus for your weekend party here.