A Note from the Founders

Posted by Team Haus on

We created Haus because we were looking for a better way to drink, and we just couldn’t find anything out there that worked for us. We were tired of all of the alcohol and sugar, the food colorings, the fake flavors, and the outdated aesthetics.

Something needed to change. So we decided to make it ourselves.

We made our first batch of Haus in our living room with a bucket of chardonnay and a pile of meyer lemons from our yard. We filled mason jars with fruits and flowers, steeping them in brandy to extract their essence, adding drops of new flavors to the wine bucket until we got the recipe just right.

Now, we make Haus in 4,000-gallon stainless steel tanks in our production facility in Sonoma County. We’re planting new fruit trees and botanicals on our ranch every day.

We started Haus to solve a problem for us and our friends, and now it’s much bigger than that. That said, we have big plans for Haus, and we’re just getting started.

Thanks for being one of the first to join us on this journey. We’re so excited to share our first product with you, and can’t wait to hear what you think.

Helena + Woody Hambrecht

Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Haus