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Aperitifs handmade in Sonoma County with best-in-class ingredients.

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"What makes Haus so special is its incredible flavors."
“For the wine or cocktail lover who’s tried it all and wants something new and refreshing.”
“Cleaner, responsibly sourced, and lower in alcohol.”

Made with natural ingredients, nothing fake

The Sampler Kit

The Sampler Kit

Try a variety of Haus flavors with our customizable four-bottle kit. Each bottle serves 2-3 drinks.

Pomegranate Rosemary

Pomegranate Rosemary

Bright and earthy, Pomegranate Rosemary has punchy notes of pomegranate, berries, and woody herbs.

Grapefruit Jalapeno

Grapefruit Jalapeño

Light and refreshing, this aperitif is a bright blend of citrus with a subtle kick of fresh jalapeño.

An Intro to Haus

Each Haus apértif is uniqure and complex, lower in alcohol, and ideal to sip for any occasion. We make our apéritifs with only real ingredients, so there's no wrong choice.

Their lighter alcohol (less than whiskey) makes them perfect to sip all evening without the blur in the morning.

Easy to drink

The perfect anytime drink, sip Haus on its own or with simple mixers you probably already have like soda or tonic.

Natural ingredients. Nothing fake.

Artificial ingredients and refined sugars are a big culprit in hangovers. Feel good about what’s in your glass that night — and the next day.

Delivered to your door

We blend, bottle, and ship our products straight from Sonoma, CA to your doorstep.

“Haus has found the solution I didn’t really know I was looking for!”
— Susan
verified buyer
“I love the flavor of this apéritif — it’s light and lively, and it’s refreshing with seltzer or tonic.”
— Fiona
verified buyer
“It’s delicious, and unique. I love everything from the packaging, to the flavors.”
— Esteban
verified buyer

Handmade in Sonoma County with farm-to-bottle ingredients.

Haus was launched on a farm in Sonoma County in 2019, and we still hold our products to the highest values and standards. We source all of our ingredients from farms we trust, as well as top purveyors who supply Michelin-Starred restaurants.

We leave out the fake flavors and preservatives that you find in our competition. We care deeply about our craft, and it’s a difference you can taste.

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